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About Us

With the market flooded with generic uniform options, our approach is innovative with each uniform designed and created for your company.  Each company has different needs and we work with your team to create a uniform that speaks to you. Whether you are a small boutique business or a large corporate, the Shirt Studio Corporate range ensures your team and industry is fully catered for.


Our role of stylist and brand manager is to partner with you to create a unique look for your team.  Using our expertise in design and corporate styling we can help you make a difference to your company’s success. A quality corporate uniform can create a lasting impression on customers and engender a positive culture in the company. 

 With our experience spanning over 12 years in quality corporate apparel, we bring to you innovation, modern designs and fashionable, flattering styles.



Shirt Studio Corporate delivers a concept that allows you to custom design your uniform with our in house team.  More importantly, we build a uniform that enhances your corporate image and works hand in hand with your brand.

We start our journey together with an initial obligation free consultation.  Moving forward we create sketches of your new look, showcase fabrics and colours and with you build a strong brand, creating confidence in your team



To ensure staff are choosing the best fit and size for them, we give every client an opportunity to have each team member fitted.  And where customisation in size and fit is required, we work with your staff to create a comfortable and flattering fit.




 “A business based on brand is, very simply, a business primed for success.” David F D’Alessandro


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