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Six Essential Guidelines to a Choosing your Uniform

Six Essential Guidelines to a Choosing your Uniform

Choosing a uniform for your organisation goes beyond selecting the right colours, prints and logo. Other decisions must be made for fit, style, and fabric. If you are seeking the perfect guide to designing your corporate uniform look no further. Here are Shirt Studio’s six essentials to uniform decision-making.


1. Choosing the right fit for each body type

No two people are the same and neither are their uniform requirements. Getting the right fit for each person is not only important asethically, but also for maximum  comfort. Shirt studio offers a slim fit, classic fit, relaxed fit, or easy fit to ensure your employees get them right fit for them.

2. Cool fabrics

Australia’s subtropical climate does not leave much to the imagination in terms of humidity and heat, so choosing the right fabric for you employees is essential to their comfort, especially during the warmer months. A natural fibre such as cotton will allow for better air circulation, which helps to remove and absorb body moisture. The main benefit of cotton is that it is hypoallergenic which means it is the best choice for people who suffer from asthma or allergies, or those who have sensitive skin prone to irritation.

3. Machine washable

In a recent survey conducted by Shirt Studio with over 1000 participants, we found that 95% of people consider machine washable fabrics to be very important when selecting a corporate uniform, as opposed to dry cleaning. 72% of respondents also said it was very important that uniforms were easy to iron, with minimum fuss required.

4. Flexible design options

In our recent survey it was revealed that inappropriate uniforms for job type contributed the most to uniform dissatisfaction, with 45% of people dissatisfied with their current uniform. Different job roles require varying uniform attributes and different levels of comfort. What is considered a good uniform for one role, may not be suitable for another. Shirt Studios corporate uniforms are customised enabling staff to choose between long sleeve, short sleeve and ¾ sleeve length uniforms to ensure they are best dressed for the role they play in your organisation.

5. Branding, branding, branding

Uniforms provide identity and unity for your staff members, but also act as one of the most powerful marketing tools available. Your staff will be instantly associated with your organisation when spotted in your uniform. Ensuring that branding, corporate colours and logo representation is uniform across all marketing and advertising activities is essential to creating an ‘identity’ for your company and your employees.

6. Fabric availability

Imagine designing the perfect uniform only to discover the fabric is no longer available when the time comes to reorder for a new or existing staff member. When designing your uniform it is important to ensure the fabrics, patterns and colours you select will continue to be available as demand for new uniforms arise. Shirt Studio’s experienced staff will guide you through this process to ensure consistency and quality across all aspects of your corporate uniform.


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