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Can’t Keep Up with Fashion Trends? 10 Ways to Simplify your Uniform

Can’t Keep Up with Fashion Trends? 10 Ways to Simplify your Uniform

Can’t Keep Up with Fashion Trends? 10 Ways to Simplify your Uniform

 Fashion is the fastest changing industry. Every month there seem to be new trends, new designers and new colour palettes to look out for.

 How is the corporate world supposed to keep up? To help overcome these constant changes, we give you 10 ways to simplify your uniform so that it lasts the test of time, even in times of aggressive fashion shifts.

  • CHOOSE a lasting colour palette. To simplify your uniform you need a colour scheme that doesn’t rely on trends or even seasons. Monochrome is an easy way to do this or a simple palette of greys and blues. For bold colours, red or green can be a good choice. The most fail-proof system is to work with your corporate colours– this will ensure you are well branded and not falling into ‘fashion trends’ that may not last.


  •  GO UNISEX and choose pieces that work with every member of your workforce. A simple pair of trousers and a polo-shirt or business shirt might be a good choice. Simply what works with different fits in the garment to create a flattering shape but keeping the pieces consistent.


  •  QUALITY COUNTS and if you want a uniform that doesn't go out of fashion, make sure it is made from good quality fabrics.  High-quality fabrics will always look good, no matter what the current trends are. Think natural fibres like wool, silk and cotton.


  • PATTERNS THAT LAST such as stripes and classic plain fabrics like herringbone and twills are the way to go. Avoid choosing patterns that are bold or contemporary – keep in mind they will need to be replaced sooner than a classic piece.


  • THE CUT is important and just because skinny legged pants are on trend right now, doesn’t mean that they will be forever. Basic cuts, like straight legged, is a great way to avoid going out of style too soon.


  • PRIORITISE COMFORT with a lasting uniform which that staff members want to wear. Simplify it by making sure comfort is your first priority. Consider what fabrics and styles will suit your staff and their job the best? Work with that criteria to create an appropriate combination.


  •  RULE OF THREES is one mantra we take on board often. In reality, a good uniform only needs three pieces. Perhaps that is trousers, a shirt and a woollen vest. Or, a polo shirt, jumper and chino pants. If you want to simplify the uniform you provide - narrow the options down to three pieces and provide a few in each piece to ensure longevity.


  • PRINTED SHIRTS is a simple, cost-effective direction to take – a branded, tee-shirt or polo is a great option to tie a uniform together. If your company has a more casual ethos, this item could be the perfect way to streamline your uniform.  Pair it back with a pair of chinos and your look is complete.


  • THE NECESSITIES should be a key focus.  If you want to simplify your uniform, provide the basics. If you own a cafe, aprons are clearly a necessity. But, those cute branded umbrellas? Maybe not.


  • BE CLEAR on what the uniform needs to communicate and why have implemented it.  A simple uniform needs a simple dress-code. A dress-code that is clear and well-communicated is by far the easiest way to simplify your corporate look. If you want your staff to wear the uniform well it’s important to provide some instructions about how it needs to be worn and cared for to ensure your expectations are met.


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