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Custom Uniforms on a Budget

Custom Uniforms on a Budget

Custom Uniforms on a Budget

Who said custom uniforms had to cost the earth? Not us! Custom uniforms are for everyone and every business, not just those with some spare cash to splash. Today, we give you 8 tips for investing in a custom uniform on a budget.

1.  Go minimalist

A great uniform doesn't have to be complicated. Think about some of the most iconic uniforms around today, they aren't overly detailed. They are simply bold and well-branded. By choosing a custom uniform with less elements, perhaps just a simple polo shirt and trousers, you can get maximum value for your money.


2. Simple fabrics

While investing in good quality fabrics is an important part of the customisation process, these fabrics don’t have to be overly expensive. Printed fabrics, unusual textures and hard to dye colours are always going to cost more. Go for long-lasting, simple fabrics for a great uniform that sticks to your budget.


3. Pick a key item

Have a tight budget but want a unique and interesting uniform? Our top tip: pick a key item and customise that. Design a standout accessory that will add that extra punch to an ordinary uniform. An embroidered scarf or a patterned jacket may be just the thing. This is an easy way to stay ahead of the game while preserving your budget.


4. Think through printing

Some custom uniforms include logos, slogans or personalisation. These can be very powerful but also quite pricey! If you can focus on brand colour schemes, rather than logos, that is a cheaper option. But, if printing is an important element to your uniform then think about how you incorporate it.


5. Dress code

By creating a great dress code, your custom uniform can have a bigger impact for less money. Ensuring that staff know what they are expected to wear means that the elements you choose to customise are far more powerful. The best dress-codes address colour schemes, accessories and staff comfort.


6. Think practically

In the winter months, a thick jacket is a more cost effective option than a sweater vest, blazer and scarf. Thinking practically about your custom uniform helps you to make savvy decisions that benefit your bank account and your brand!


7. Start slowly

Slow and steady wins the race. Custom uniforms don’t’ have to happen overnight. Add elements slowly and build a great corporate look while respecting your company’s budget. In summer, start with a simply branded polo-shirt. Then, in winter add a jacket or some accessories. Your uniform will slowly grow into a fully customised style.


8. Know your aims

The best way to save money in customisation is to know your aims. Put together your list of priorities for the uniform and what you hope to get out of the process. This helps you communicate your goals and desires more clearly which means you don’t waste time and money on a uniform you aren't satisfied with.


Custom uniforms are a wonderful investment for any business. From restaurants and hotels through to banking establishments and airlines, uniforms are the centre of a brand’s visibility. Make your uniform the perfect representation of your company by choosing to go custom - it doesn’t have to blow your budget!

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