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Shirt Studio - Our Company Journey So Far

Shirt Studio - Our Company Journey So Far

Over the years, Shirt Studio has shared a close bond with our loyal clients and for our 9th birthday in business, we thought we'd share a few little known facts about the company. Read on for all the details on calculated risks, name changes and other successful accidents...





  • In 1996, co-director Anoop was studying a marketing funnel model at university when he first thought about developing a new shirting concept. 
  • The Shirt Studio business plan came to fruition after husband and wife team Fiona and Anoop travelled the Italian fashion circuit on their honeymoon – where shirting stores are lined from floor to ceiling with incredible products. 
  • Shirt Studio was first planned to be exclusively menswear, until the owners discovered beautiful shirting cuts for women in Italian boutiques.
  • Before coming up with the business name Shirt Studio, the company was first named La Camicia and then changed to Camicia Studio. After speaking to friends and peers, it was decided that Shirt Studio was a lot easier to pronounce.
  • The owners signed their first lease at Tattersall’s Arcade in 2004, without having any stock purchased. Eight weeks before opening, Fiona and Anoop travelled back to Italy, met their supplier and placed the entire order.
  • Initially, Shirt Studio’s stock room was run from National Storage and each night the storage facility would be opened up to pull out items and stock up the stores. 
  • The corporate division began by accident, after a friend asked if the company could design and make uniform shirts for Lend Lease, a management and construction company.
  • The uniforming ‘accident’ then launched into a full-time project in 2006, after Shirt Studio recognised the need for customisation, quality and creativity in uniform branding.
  • One of the most popular initiatives was the Boardroom Series, where Shirt Studio would set up in the boardroom of different offices, with a rack of sample shirts (for size) and books of fabrics and accessories. Staff could pop in and order tailored business shirts at their leisure. This program is mirrored by the flexibility of the corporate program, which includes fittings with staff in the comfort of their own company office. 

After  nine years in the retail business and six years of corporate uniform innovation, Shirt Studio remains driven to provide our clients with the best quality shirts and a huge range of designs. Our first inspirations centred on quality fabrics and Italian design qualities, which remain core elements of the Shirt Studio business model today. We hope you continue the journey with us.

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