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The importance of dress codes in your organisaton

The importance of dress codes in your organisaton

The importance of dress codes in your organisaton


Are you turning up to work each day, only to find your employees looking like they just rolled out of bed? You look around and see shirts untucked, mismatching accessories, ill-fitting trousers and inappropriate shoes. You shudder to think what customers must say. Is your business being undermined by poorly dressed staff? Don’t let it be. Do something about the dress standards at work and watch productivity and performance increase.


Why is it that your employees don’t seem to look up to scratch? There are a couple of common answers behind this problem:


  • The rules aren’t clear. Your employees don’t actually know what they are and are not supposed to wear. Perhaps there isn’t a dress-code. Or, there is one but it isn’t detailed and is never enforced.


  • They can’t afford to wear what is expected. Depending on the country and state in which you operate, the law dictates limits on what you can expect staff to pay for. Make sure you are providing a uniform if you expect staff to wear it. If you don’t have a uniform, have a realistic dress-code.


While these are just two major reasons behind the problem, the issue of poorly dressed staff has many continuous flow-on effects. Did you know that team productivity is significantly reduced when employees are not dressed in a professional and united way? Studies have shown that more organisational goals are met and higher levels of performance are found in companies which take staff appearance seriously. When your employees don’t look their best, your brand doesn’t look its best. Customers notice and your competitors notice. So, it’s time for a solution. There are two easy ways to do this:


1.Fix your dress-code

We’ve already briefly mentioned the importance of dress-codes, but it is such a powerful tool that we want to dive in deeper. A dress-code is a set of regulations, expectations and limitations as to what employees can wear to work. It sets the standard of dress and allows these standards to be enforced. By having a highly detailed and practical dress-code you can transform the dress standards at your work. Be sure to clearly communicate the specific requirements of your dress-code. Do you want all women to wear navy pantyhose? Write it down. Are you okay with polo-shirts, or only dress-shirts? Specify it. A dress-code needs to be detailed in order to function well. Further, make sure the dress code is practical and takes into account the comfort of your staff as well as any legal requirements dictated by your industry or government.


2.Get a custom uniform!

This is our number one way to fix the dress-standards at your workplace. A custom uniform is the perfect way to guarantee that every staff member looks professional and polished. A uniform that is worn well is a uniform that is loved by all the team - custom design lets you make this happen. Custom design means custom fittings, which equals a comfortable and well-dressed office. You can ensure that your uniform is practical and flattering for everyone. If you are sick of dress-standards at your work, do something about it and invest in a custom uniform.

Imagine this, an office which runs like a smooth machine. Staff buzz around, each one enthusiastic and driven. All members of the team are untied as one, striving towards new goals. They look the part too - each sharply dressed in a uniform that is practical and stylish. Customers are impressed by your brand the minute they walk in the door. Sales skyrocket and the organisation has never been healthier. All this is possible. Invest in a good dress-code and a custom uniform and watch the transformation happen!


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