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Three Simple Tips to Avoid the Pitfalls of Sloppy Winter Uniforms

Three Simple Tips to Avoid the Pitfalls of Sloppy Winter Uniforms

Three Simple Tips to Avoid the Pitfalls of Sloppy Winter Uniforms

Winter uniform apparel can be a dilemma. Often corporate uniforms include a shirt or blouse and either trousers or a skirt. They look great in summer months – nicely tailored and put together. Then, winter descends and it is too cold to just wear these light layers.  Staff members begin to add layers of their own, that do not form part of the uniform, just to keep warm. Sloppy jumpers and non-matching scarves do not look good and can take away from what the uniform was designed to look like. Having a well-constructed dress code or quality uniform options in place for the winter months can provide the solution to these winter blues.

Here are three easy ways to convert your team’s corporate uniform wear for the cooler months, without having to create a completely new uniform look.

 1.    Add Knitwear

High quality knitwear can add a layer of warmth to a uniform, without adding bulk and breaking the budget. A long sleeved wool jumper in grey, blue or black, looks great over the top of a button-up shirt. This item is flattering and practical for both women and men. Similarly, a knitted vest can help keep staff members warm. This smart look is a functional mid-weight layer to add to any uniform. And when embroidered with the same logo as the work shirts it creates a simple solution by creating a cost effective winter uniform.

 2.    Invest in Blazers

Blazers and jackets are an obvious way to accommodate for winter within the workplace. Women’s corporate blazers can give a professional touch to a uniform. Whether it is a one button or two button crop jacket - this is a universally loved fashion item in the corporate world. Shirt Studio Corporate stocks a wide range of women’s blazers, including a cropped option which is a very on-trend and youthful option. Blazers also give a classic and neat look to male employees. Cotton provides a more casual look, while a traditional wool or poly/wool fabric makes a more traditional blazer. Zip-up jackets are great for less office based industries and are sure-fire way to ensure comfort and warmth. Again when embroidered with the same logo as the work shirts the blazer is a simple way to add a layer keeping on point with your brand.

 3.    Accessories for Winter

One of the biggest issues workplaces face in winter is staff members ‘adding’ items to the uniform. Whether it is non-uniform, a scarf or a pair of gloves - these accessories may be necessary for the weather, but they don’t always look the part. This is an easily solved problem, by simply providing a standardised option. For example, a custom designed corporate scarf with your company brand can bring a stylish touch to women’s workwear. The customisable fabric available at Shirt Studio Corporate means that these items can add to, instead of detracting from a uniform.  And for men creating a custom tie to match the scarf will create continuity.

Winter doesn’t have to signal the end of dressing well. In fact, it can be an opportunity to add a certain smartness to your uniform by mixing in knits and blazers. Customised winter accessories, like scarves, mean that staff stay warm and your brand aesthetic is maintained. Avoid the winter uniform blues - think seasonally and provide a few options for your team this winter.

 For more information on these winters, garments for men click HERE to see the full range of product options and for women click HERE




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