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You Don’t have to Wear The same Thing Every Day - What Having Work Uniforms Really Means

You Don’t have to Wear The same Thing Every Day - What Having Work Uniforms Really Means

You Don’t have to Wear The same Thing Every Day - What Having Work Uniforms Really Means

Think of this scenario. If you’re the boss at work managing a team of people all being exposed to customers daily or in an office environment with a very important client meetings, and some of your staff members in particular just don’t look the part.  How do you approach them on such a sensitive and personal topic without highly offending them? You’ve noticed mismatched outfits and unsuitable bust coverage seems to be a common theme in their daily work attire. It does appear to simply be their perception of work appropriate fashion and ill judgment.

While staff in work uniforms is on the rise, there is still a stigma attached to the idea of them. Some employees hear the word work uniforms and go into a panic thinking their privilege to show off their sense of fashion has been taken away from them. They automatically think of an unfashionable and ill-fitted outfit with a logo on it, wearing the same thing day in and out. But uniforms are rather genius and the benefits are just as great for employees as they are the company.

The Modern Uniform

The modern uniform gives wearers a nice selection of pieces. Work uniforms for a business that require customers to recognise staff - like a cafe, hotel or retailer usually requires logos and a similar “uniform” look among staff. However, a uniform in a variety of styles and fits to cater to individual tastes is becoming more popular. Some companies don't even have logos on them and are simply a wardrobe which has been been carefully designed to represent the brand through the fabrics and colours a that’s within their dress code standard. This wardrobe can have up to well over a dozen pieces in a range of colours so staff can create their own fashionable work wardrobe representing their own sense of style.

To really appreciate some work uniforms, you need to understand what goes into the design.  Work uniforms do not only use colours to represent a brand; it uses fabric textures and customised cuts and styles to incorporate comfort and match the business surroundings into wearable attire.

A Uniform Wardrobe Example

For example; if a luxury hotel in the countryside required an elegant and contemporary uniform for their front of house staff, it could incorporate natural fibres to match its rural surroundings. The uniform also needs to speak to the modern and organic lifestyle portrayed by this hotel. This means that the work uniform has to fit with this aesthetic.

A collection with (contrast feature) shirts and ties could ideally be in cotton. While the skirts, trousers, jackets and vests pure wool. Their colour palette would reflect the hotel’s surroundings, focussing on earthy tones with a splash of brighter hues to keep it fresh. The staff could also have the option of smart puffer vests and knits for the winter season, and the choice to buy pieces in a heavier or lighter wool depending on the season. For the ladies that don’t like to wear shirts, the alternative of getting blouse or shift dresses within the colour palette guidelines is also another example of giving the staff diversity in their work uniforms.

Create Your Uniform Collection

So as you can see the variety given to staff for their work uniforms are endless.  And if the collection is cleverly constructed, employees can still express their personal sense of fashion within company dress code guidelines.  Many corporate environments are adopting this kind of uniform since it makes it much easier from a HR and management level to maintain staff presentation.

So next time you’re in a restaurant, the movies, your local shops, or even in a more corporate setting. Look at what they’re wearing and if they are in work uniforms you can now understand why they are so important for business to run more effectively.

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