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WorldSkills Australia 2017 Games Uniform

WorldSkills Australia 2017 Games Uniform

WorldSkills Australia Games 2017

In 2017 year, WorldSkills Australia ran a uniform design competition to give young designers an opportunity to showcase their skills, with the winner having their designs realised and worn by the Australian team at the 44th WorldSkills International competition in Abu Dhabi last month.

The winner was a young female designer, Ashleigh Huntley, whose designs were then brought to reality.  The two matched their skills to create what WorldSkills Australia believes is the best-looking uniform to date.

With so many different countries competing in the competition, it was important the Australian team were well represented and that Ashleigh’s designs were treated with respect and bought to life accurately.

The winning design, by Ashleigh Huntley, is an earthy and natural look – with crisp clean colours and lines with splashes of dynamic colour. The uniform included a formal option and a more casual piece and was required to be comfortable and professional looking at the same time.

The project was a true collaboration and we were honoured to work with the team on this uniform.

The uniform colours were inspired by the beauty and diversity of the Australian landscape. The sand, deep blue ocean and the rich turquoise of our pristine beaches and reefs were key aspects of this inspiration and the scarf/tie artwork was designed paying homage to aboriginal dot paintings in a spiral design.

Functionality was a key point too, as the team needed a design that would suit all shapes and be breathable in the hot desert of Abu Dhabi where they were competing.

We were so pleased to be included on the world stage in this way. 

The uniforms received acclaim, being both comfortable and stylish. We not anticipate making any major changes to the uniform in the coming years, and are ecstatic about the partnership between Shirt Studio Corporate and designer Ashleigh Huntley. 

WorldSkills Australia

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