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Our Dream Team

The Uniform Branding Dream Team

Anoop Anchal - CEO


The innovator behind Australia’s uniform revolution, Anoop uses his twenty years of business experience to help other brands flourish. With a background in retail and corporate sales, Anoop is on comfortable footing as he delves into the needs and goals of the businesses he works with. He has worked with some of the world’s most renowned clothing brands and has also designed and manufactured his own clothing line. A leader in his field, but also a natural communicator, Anoop’s personality and experience makes him the perfect person to lead your business to new heights.

 Meet Anoop:

 Q: What is your favourite thing about your job?

 Meeting new people every day, working with great companies to come up with branding solution and working with my wife.

Q: What have you learnt about business in your years as CEO of Shirt Studio Corporate?

 Keep at it and never give up.  Treat your clients and staff like family.  Enjoy the journey and relax.

Q: Favourite holiday destination?

 So many to name but I'd have to say Italy holds a special place in my heart.

Q: What do you to relax?

Like most guys, I zone out in my man cave at home.  And I do love to play basketball with the boys at the local part.


Fiona Anchal - Creative Director


 Fiona brings a deeply grounded understanding of style and design to the formula of Shirt Studio Corporate. With twenty years of experience as a creative, Fiona has worked in marketing and communications as well as owning her own retail business. Fiona is best described as an innovator, constantly seeking and creating more. Her passion for business is the foundation upon which Shirt Studio Corporate has thrived. This is balanced with her expertise in fashion design as she manages sketches, fabrics and fits.

 Meet Fiona:

 Q: What is the best part of running a family business?

Building our future together and having a clear focus what we want and where we are going.  We are always in synergy as a family.

 Q: What is your all-time favourite fashion look?

Definitely the comfy look! Can’t go past skinny trousers or jeans, my comfy flats and a loose fitting t-shirt. 

 Q: What is the best part of the job?

The variety of my role. Each day is so different.  One minute I’m working with clients, the next minute I’m knee deep in new designs, patterns and fabrics and some days helping unpack stock.  It’s constantly changing as we grow and keeps me on my toes.

 Q: Favourite drink?

Can’t go past my morning soy latte ritual


Megan –Production Coordinator | Account Manager


Our Account Manager and Production Assistant, Megan, is a powerhouse who allows Shirt Studio Corporate to thrive. Her dedication and hard work are an important part of the formula which makes Shirt Studio Corporate tick. She has been with us for two and a half years and we couldn’t imagine life without her. She is the middle-man between clients and production - ensuring that every element of the process is smooth and easy.

   Meet Megan:

 Q: What do you love most about being part of the Shirt Studio Corporate team?

 That I am made to feel like an integral part of the team….every day.  


Q: What do you do on your days off?

 Watch movies  with my 3 gorgeous children.  Go to markets.  Cook.  Walks by the Bay.

Q: What is one thing this role has taught you?

 Being part of a great team makes anything achievable….(even very tight deadlines)

Q: Dogs or cats?



Brianna – Copywriter


Brianna is our wordsmith and content creator who helps us communicate with our clients. She is an experienced copywriter and loves working with businesses to find their story and get it told. From our social media to our press releases and blogs - she does it all. We love having her as a part of our team.

 Meet Brianna:

 Q: What do you like about working for Shirt Studio Corporate?

 A: I love the passion the team has for what they do. Fiona and Anoop have worked so hard so it is fun to be able to create content that reflects that.

 Q: What does your ideal Saturday look like?

 A: Yoga, brunch with friends, a good book and a nap.

 Q: What is one thing you’ve learned from your role at Shirt Studio Corporate

 A: I know a lot more about corporate uniforms than I ever have before! From button holes to ties - this job has given me insight into a whole new world.

 Q: Tea or coffee?

 A: Both. Totally, both.



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