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Our Story

Our Story


The story of Shirt Studio Corporate has been one of determination, passion and success. It all began twelve years ago when husband and wife team, Anoop and Fiona Anchal, became retailers. With three shopfronts and an online store they soon realised there was a gap in the market.

The fashion industry was booming yet corporate uniform wear was still treated as sub-par. Catalogue products and bulk orders led to ill-fitting and unstylish uniforms. As business owners themselves, Anoop and Fiona knew how important uniforms could be. They knew that a uniform is the first impression of a brand for the customer. A great uniform can increase productivity, team work and performance. But good uniforms were too hard to come by.  

In 2007, Anoop and Fiona brought their forces as designer and brand manager together and created Shirt Studio Corporate.  They hit a nerve because they did things differently.

Creating customised corporate wear allowed brands to use uniforms as a marketing tool. Communicating with business owners and seeking to understand the specific needs of a particular company, is what makes Shirt Studio Corporate shine. Anoop and Fiona’s vision has thrived - seeing hundreds of teams transformed by the custom uniform revolution.

Their story isn’t over. They want you to become a part of their journey. Let Shirt Studio Corporate cater to your uniform needs, whatever they may be.




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