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Shirt Instructions


Shirt Studio Corporate business shirts, whether 100% cotton or a cotton polyester blend, can be cared for in the same way. 


  • Machine wash shirt in cold water
  • Unbutton shirt before washing
  • Preferably do not dry clean your shirts as it will shorten their life.  If you want to take to a dry-cleaner ask them to hand launder
  • To keep brights vibrant, turn shirt inside-out before washing
  • Wash dark and whites separately
  • Do not tumble dry, instead hang to dry in the shade on clothes line or on a wooden hanger.
  • Do not soak shirt for extended period of time
  • Do not bleach


  • Iron on a cotton setting and ensure there is always water in the iron. To assist in ironing, iron the shirt when damp or spray a small amount of water on the shirt when ironing.
  • Iron collar flat on the ironing board, wrong side up, and press from the outer points towards the centre of the collar. Turn the collar over and repeat.
  • Press the sleeves beginning with the inside of the cuff then the outside. Hold the collar and cuffs taut so they don't crease.
  • Hang shirts in wardrobe on wooden hangers.

Watch our ironing video for tips and tricks – CLICK HERE


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