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Who Are We?

Who Are We?

 We are Shirt Studio Corporate - a place where your brand is bettered and your business is prioritised. We are your designer, your stylist, your tailor and your supplier. We are industry experts. We are the premier choice for custom uniforms.

Shirt Studio Corporate is a uniform supplier, but not as you know it. Moving away from the generic catalogue product,  we provide high-quality uniforms designed to enhance each individual company. From the moment you put your uniform needs in our hands, our years of experience come into play. Whether you are a small boutique business or a large corporate, the Shirt Studio Corporate range ensures your team is fully catered for.


What Sets Us Apart?

Shirt Studio Corporate is at the cutting edge of corporate wear because we are unique. When our two founders, Anoop and Fiona Anchal, bring together their expertise as designer and brand manager, they create undeniable synergy. Twelve years of experience in the fashion, retail and business worlds, combined with immense passion, creates the perfect recipe for success.


A Custom Approach

The innovation of Shirt Studio Corporate is in our customised approach to uniforms. An in-house team of designers and branding experts assist you to create every detail of your uniform - from head to toe, your staff will represent your brand. The journey starts with an initial consultation, where we discover the values, aesthetics and goals of your company. This information is transformed into sketches, fabric ideas and colour palettes. The final product is something contemporary, comfortable and unique which boosts the confidence of your team.


The Perfect Fit

The way your staff look and feel matters. That’s why we give every member in your team an individual fitting – an opportunity to try on the garments.This above and beyond mentality is what separates Shirt Studio Corporate from other uniform suppliers.


“Our custom program means that we work with our clients to understand their brand and come up with a uniform concept unique to their company. It may sound simple but it can be revolutionary. ’’

 - Anoop Anchal. 


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